Publications and Awards


2019   (Forthcoming) ASCA 2019 - Design Studio: The Case for Social Entrepreneurship

2018   Crowdsourcing+Shared Architecture, The Plan Journal. See Publication


2018   Nilou Vakil named top 25 Most Admired Architecture Educator in the U.S. See Article

2017   Board of Regents Approves new program in Interior Architecture and Design. See Article

2016   Hybrid Modes of Architectural Production in the United Arab Emirates, International Journal of Islamic Architecture. See Publication

2016   Critical Practice: Alternative Modes of Empowerment, Dialectic IV: Architecture at Service?, The Journal of the School of Architecture, University of Utah. See Publication


2016   Recognition for teaching: student group named to Final Four, Innovation in Affordable Housing Design Competition, US Department of Housing and Urban Development. See Publication


2016   Shepherd, S., “KU Today: Medical technology meets senior housing in New Cities project,” The Lawrence Journal-World, August 23. See Publication 


2015   Grand Prize Winner, Built Project Category, Congress for the New Urbanism, CNU/Colorado Charter Award for High Mar Senior Housing Project, Boulder, Colorado. See Publication


2015   Best Affordable Senior Housing Project, Senior Housing News, High Mar Senior Housing. See Publication


2015   Recognition for teaching: student group named to Final Four, Innovation in Affordable Housing Design Competition, US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

2014   Urban Urge Award Finalist. See Publication


2014   Colistra, J., and N. Vakil. "Engaging transparency to empower community." In 2014 Challenging Glass Conference Proceedings, European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) and Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) sponsors. See Publication


2014   Colistra, J. "New Modes of Community Empowerment." In Housing Education and Research Conference Proceedings.


2014   Colistra, J. "Hybrid Models of Sustainability." Urban Hybridization - Prospettive Ibride sul Progetto Contemporaneo,
(Milan, Italy: Politecnico di Milano) no. 3. See Publication


2014   Rebchook, J. "Boulder apartments celebrated" Inside Real Estate News. Boulder, CO.


2014   Social Economic Environmental Design (SEED) – Phase 1 Certification, SEED Network, The Fourth Quarter Housing Project.


2013   Colistra, J. and Vakil, N., "Learning from Environmental Energies and Building Form in the Gulf Region." In ACSA Fall Conference Proceedings, Subtropical Cities 2013: Design Interventions for Changing Climates.


2013    Chandler, M. "Guide to Denver Architecture with Regional Highlights", Ed. 2. Golden, CO: Fulcrum Publishing. (2013)

Two architectural projects cited. See Publication


2013   Burness, A., “Boulder Housing Partners to open city’s first new affordable senior complex in 30 years,” The Boulder Daily Camera, February 13.


2013   Big XII Fellowship, University of Kansas

            Funds used for travel and assessment of tornado damage in Oklahoma. Investigation of opportunities for collaboration with University of Oklahoma, Architecture for Humanity, and City of Moore, OK


2013   Public Interest Design Award, United States Green Building Council Colorado Chapter


2013    "SWA Group, City of Houston Disaster Recovery Planning Study" National Best Practices.

Two architectural projects cited.


2013    Davies, B. "Mary Voelz Chandler on Denver's demolition history and her updated architectural guide" The Westword. Denver, CO.

One architectural project cited.


2013    Rinaldi, R. "What Denver built, then and now" The Denver Post. Denver, CO.

One architectural project cited


2011    "Featured Project (Wash Park Eco-Homes)" Slow Home Awards. 

Award Winners


2010    C. Ferguson (Ed.) Colorado Urbanizing: Life, Sustainability, Place and Community Growth in the West The Congress of New Urbanism. Fulcrum Publishing.

Two architectural projects cited.


2010   Best Single Family House Design, Slow Home Award, Wash Park Green


2009   Mayor’s Design Award, 2942 Welton Street Redevelopment


2009   Miraval, F., “Familias artificiles’ beneficiarian a huerfanos hispanos de Mexico,” Viva Colorado, Arno 2 No. 154, September 24.


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2009   Samuelson, M., “Edgy Brownstones Will Take Your Breath Away,” The Denver Post, January 18.


2008   Honor Award, Colorado Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, Merchants Row


2008   Colorado Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Young Architect of the Year (Joe Colistra)


2008   Colorado Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Young Firm of the Year (Citation)


2008   L. Marshall, “Outlook: Bright,” The Rocky Mountain News, December 27.


2008   Nitkin, K., “AIA Colorado Young Architect of the Year: Joe Colistra Empowers People through Architecture,” Architect Colorado, Fall.


2008   Annual Industry Awards Issue, Colorado Construction, December.        


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2007   MacMillan, K., “Hiding in Plain Sight,” The Denver Post, May 6.


2006   Mayor’s Design Award, Merchants Row


2006   Merit Award, Denver Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, Merchants Row


2006   Top Architecture/Design Firm, 1st Finalist, The Denver Business Journal


2006   Wirth Chair Award for Sustainable Communities, The Graduate School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado at Denver


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2005   “James S. Sudler Award for Contribution to the Denver Chapter,” (Box City), Architect Colorado, Colorado Chapter of the AIA /McGraw Hill Construction


2005   Featured Project (Merchants Row Brownstones), Denver Infill,


2005   “Projects valued at $142 million under way at Lowry,” The Colorado Real Estate Journal, November 15.


2005   Potter, B., “An investment, from the ground up: Building a sense of Community,” The Denver Post, September 11.


2005   Clark, N., “Merchants Row Brownstones top off,” Denver Daily News, October 14.


2005   Nilou Vakil,  Design Award, American Institute of Architecture Best Architectural Project of the Year. AIA Colorado Young Architects Awards 

2005   Joe Colistra, Teaching Award, University of Colorado at Denver, American Institute of Architects Instructor of the Year


2005   Mayor’s Design Award, Box City Event for Children (with American Institute of Architects Urban Design Committee)


2005   Outstanding Service Award, Denver Chapter of the American Institute of Architects


2005   James S. Sudler Award for Contribution to the Denver Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, Box City (with Urban Design Committee)


2004   Governor’s Award for Best Design, Champa Terrace   


2004   Colorado Chapter of the American Institute of Architects President’s Award for Contribution to the Chapter (Urban Design Committee)


2004   Denver Chapter of the American Institute of Architects President’s Award of Special Recognition (Box City)


2004   Special Achievement in Design, Featured Project (Champa Terrace), Colorado Community Revitalization Association


2004   Schlosser, E., Featured Project (Merchants Row), Colorado Preservation Newsletter, Summer.   


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