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Fourth Quarter Housing for Homeless Veterans

This $4.5 million 36-unit affordable housing project was designed for homeless veterans. Common spaces, units, furniture, and finishes are all designed to accommodate the special needs of this particularly vulnerable user group.


While conscious of first-cost limitations of Low Income Housing Tax Credit projects, the team was able secure additional grant money to pay for photovoltaic panels on the roof to offset electrical loads. The project also takes advantage of parking requirement reductions because it is located on a mass transit lightrail line.


Extensive community outreach was required in negotiating a Good Neighbor Agreement and achieving a zoning change to allow this development to move forward. Partners in this development include the Bo Matthews Center for Excellence, the Denver Road Home Program, the Denver Housing Authority, the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority, the Veterans Administration, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Colorado Division of Housing.

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