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Trellis Townhomes

This infill townhouse project uses a panelized wall system to relate to its surrounding historic context. Eleven units are staggered in their orientation to create a rhythm of solid and void assemblies relating to the proportions of historic buildings in the neighborhood. This idea of solid void relationships carries through to the interior where interior courtyards off the master suite are open two stories to the sky allowing daylight to penetrate deep into the units.


The facade is constructed of glass-fiber-reinforced-concrete panels. The architects worked with a local casting yard with CNC-router capabilities in developing patterns that are computer generated.


It is intended that these highly detailed panels will better fit into the block of turn-of-the-century structures with intricate brickwork and hand-crafted wood detailing. At the same time, the articulation expresses today’s technology in that the pattern is more intricate than could ever be achieved by the human hand.


A network of balconies off the kitchens and dining rooms create a trellis over the drive aisle connecting the two buildings and further articulating the alternating building forms.

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